Tiling Offsets With ClusterSSH

Before ansible and a lot of config management tools, we had clusterssh. I’ve been using clusterssh forever and a day at this point. After a long hiatus, I dusted it off and fired it up only to be very disappointed in the tiling across two screens. Some terminals were on the split, while others were overlapping.

For the first time in more than a decade I opened up ~/.clusterssh/config and discovered the following options:


Since my left screen is reserved for email, calendaring, and task tracking it made sense to tile everything on my right screen. The left screen runs at 1920x1080, so a screen_reserve_left should do the trick. It did, however, terminals below the main row were overlapping a good portion of the terminal above them. Thankfully terminal_reserve_bottom was able to fix that up.

I present to you my uber 3 line config for cluster ssh perfection:

vince@vince:~/$ grep -v ^# ~/.clusterssh/config

Illustration of Vince

Vince Hillier is the President and Founder of Revenni Inc. He is an opensource advocate specializing in system engineering and infrastructure. Outside of building solid infrastructure that doesn't break the bank, he's interested in information security, privacy, and performance.